a little taste of Malibu, and the need for silence…or why cell phones suck!

So I wanted to show why Malibu is inspiring to me as an artist. I can walk to the beach, or turn around and walk the horse trails and creek bed behind my home. It is a magical place. There are squirrels, deer, skunks, possums, tons of birds, mountain lions, bobcats and more. Least I forget rattlesnakes…yikes! Walking the trails you do have to keep your eyes on the trail to keep a look out of where you step. If you go deep into the canyon right now there is a small bit of water left in the creek with a wonderful creek melody of small waterfalls. It’s about a 3 mile hike….just about killed me the last time I did it, I had not been there in awhile. If you haven’t hiked the woods you need to, it is so wonderful to hear silence in your life. I am so bewildered by people I see taking a lovely walk jabbering awayon their cell phones, oblivious to their surroundings…what’s up with that? I think it is so impossible for some people to be alone and quiet with themselves, how sad that is to me. You see it in the store, mall, etc. People alone and yakking on the phone, just browsing thru a store jabbering away….they can’t even shop alone. Are we so uncomfortable with ourselves that we cannot bare to be alone for a minute with our own thoughts or silence….wow! I think cell phones are a problem…yes, I am a happy hippy and do NOT own a cell phone! I get along just fine, really. If I am out I do NOT want to be bothered. When I get home you can call me and we will talk, not push buttons. Texting? Yikes that’s even worse, pick up the GD phone and call me !  I believe that the way technology has gone the last few years it is making a whole generation of socially handicapped humans. The other day I was at the hardware store and the woman in front of me was yelling into her cell phone while checking out, she did NOT ONCE even acknowledge the checker that was helping her….THAT IS JUST RUDE! I see that kind of shit all the time…..Tell me what you think….backyard42009-03-25



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