El Chirinquito, Altea, Spain

Altea is a quaint little beach town, an age old hang out for artists, creators, and intellectualsEl Chirinquito  restaurant is probably the most picturesque place you can eat when on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Altea is  just 10 kilometers south of Bennidorm, and 51 from Alicante and well worth the trip. A great location to paint it has been the town artists come and go to for inspiration and solice,  etc. El Chirinquito is an ocean front restaurant, I spent  hours there with friends, their grilled veggies are….. to die for. The owners are fantastic, you can sit for hours, they just keep bringing food. Luscious seafood, paella, steaks, etc. I want to be covered in their alioli ( ah-lee-oh-lee)  a mayo, whipped, garlic concoction, when I die!  The open air seating is perfect in the summer for a long night of wonderful wines, impressive food,  and good talk. If you are an artist, you must visit this amazing coastline….you might just never return.DSCN1670




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