Begamont Station….Santa Monica, CA.

“4X5 : Four Works By Five Photographers”
John Fitzpatrick, Brian Hodges, Adam Santelli, Frank Schaefer, Michael Salvatore Tierney
May 26 – July 25, 2009
Artists’ Reception: Sunday, May 31, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Frank Pictures Gallery
Begamot Station A-5, 2525 Michigan Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90404
Contact: Laurie Frank
310 828-0211 / 323 839-6166 cell                                                                    
Web site,
David Florimbi online portfolio,
Gallery hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 11:30am-6:30pm
Please direct e-mail inquiries to the gallery’s address (above); DO NOT use “Reply” button, it will send to ArtScene.
To view this announcement online:

Frank Pictures Gallery is excited to present “4 x 5”, a group show featuring five of Southern California’s rising photographic talents: John Fitzpatrick, Brian Hodges, Adam Santelli, Frank Schaefer and Michael Salvatore Tierney. “The biggest challenge facing photography today is creating work that doesn’t resemble what has been seen before”, says Laurie Frank, owner/director of Frank Pictures Gallery, “I see hundreds of portfolios every year that are indistinguishable from Weston, Weegee, Eggleston, and Shulman, then, suddenly, I was asked to join the faculty of the Palm Springs Photography Festival and one after another I was struck by a overwhelming cavalcade of singular talent.  It literally took my breath away.” Frank asked five of the photographers from the festival to showcase four selected works, all sized at 4’x5′, from their individual series.Michael Salvatore Tierney’s “Incidence and Reflection” seeks to capture and momentarily suspend the viewer through a balance of abstraction and representation. John Fitzpatrick’s “Quiet Apocalypse” photographs depict abandoned industrial structures. They capture the paradoxical moment of decay and growth that is noticeable when human constructions return to nature. In contrast, Brian Hodges’ clean photographic process documents the exquisite style and unique esthetic of the Papua New Guinea highland tribes to find the crux where nature and man remain largely unadulterated by external influences. Adam Santelli’s “Naked Cannon Ball” series explores the dichotomy of confinement and release through images of captured movement as the body is submerged under water. In Frank Schaefer’s “Urban Vinyl” photographs of limited edition toys made by underground designers and illustrators seem to contextually animate. “In each of the five series there is mystery and awe, sensuality and craft”, says Frank. “You are left wondering at the magic of how each of these artists attained their result”.Photo credits, clockwise from top left:
Adam Santelli, “Naked Cannon Ball 2,” 2008, 56″ x 37″.
Brian Hodges, “Papua New Guinea 2,” 2006, 60″ x 40″.
John Fitzpatrick, “Powder,” 2008, 48″ x 60″.
Frank Schaefer, “The Bird Is The Word,” 2008, 48″ x 60″.
Michael Salvatore Tierney, “Hall of Records, Los Angeles 3,” 2008, 48″ x 60″. In collaboration with George Billis Gallery Los Angeles.




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