when visiting Malibu, Ca…….My bitch fest!


1. do NOT leave your trash on PCH, someone has to pick it up….please

2. don’t think you can stop in the fast lane of the highway to make a u turn…..idiot

3.don’t bring your dog to the beach, then tie them up in the parking lot….gawd

4.don’t run with your children across PCH while cars going 60 mph approach…..maniac

5.if you leave shit on the sand like plastic bags, and 6 pk rings…animals might die

6.do NOT smoke on the hiking trails….duh

7.do NOT build a campfire when it is windy….yeah you!

8.please do not have your radio volumn turned to max next to private homes….please

9.when you see a horse slow down….please

10.if you leave your baby’s diaper in the parking lot at Zuma beach when you die you will be smothered in 456,832 gallons of septic tank waste!…..for real

Above all else have a wonderful summer, be conscientious, and take care of our wonderful planet!


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