The first lesson #1… I teach in airbrush usage…..

The first lesson I teach in airbrush is always dismantling the airbrush and putting it all back together again. This is a good way to start, because….YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS…AND YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO FIX THEM. You need to be able to break it down and get inside to see where the possible clog is. YOU will have clogs, and sputters…get use to it! Running water thru the gun is a first and sometime easy solution.

Second lesson……..Find a photo of fabric draped to show folds highlights, shadows etc. If the photo is in black and white, even better. The job is to mix 6 varied shades of grey, start very light, and go to pretty deep grey. Look at your draped fabric photo, study it. Then start laying in the middle tones of what you see. The light and dark values are last. You should have a painting that looks similar to your photo.

The last step is to take a transparent ink, or a transparent paint, pthalo blue, alizaron crimson, etc. and give your grey painting a tint. The picture will come to life! It’ll really look like fabric at this point.

Once you go thru this first study with your airbrush you’ll feel a little more confident about your abilities. You really get the feel of it, and are able to accomplish a goal, your first piece of airbrush art!!!!

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