Organic art detail….when to say…STOP!


This is a perfect example of the layering techniques I use in my “Organic Art” series. I paint, wipe, scrub, and reveal what paint and layers have left behind. Sometimes your un-earthing process is like receiving a gigantic present. I paint, and layer, working with the paint when it’s wet, giving it a moment to settle, and then attack! Sometimes just lifting some off, or moving it around. I am spontaneous in my painting, and reactive to what’s happening on the paper or canvas. I love painting fast and hard, responding to reactions of the medium I’m using. Then i do like to live with it for a day or two…..sometimes a painting requires a few days to settle. The hardest part for any artist I think is knowing when to quit. When do you walk away….?????

That is part of the art of being an artist…when do you just say…it’s done! Or is any artist really satisfied with a piece? Some artists I know will not live with their paintings in their home, it’s too difficult to be surrounded by their work, they always see something more to do to it. I like being around my canvases, it lets me live with them and experience them as the collector, or eventual owner would. Once I stop painting….I am usually done with the piece. It is a hard call, and one I struggle with.

I would love to know other artists opinions…write me!


6 thoughts on “Organic art detail….when to say…STOP!

  1. I am never truly happy with what I consider to be the finished product!! I love the process of creating something new, and challenging myself.!!! Until about 6 months ago, I would have never hung my art on my wall!! I have decided, that I better get used to being surrounded by it! (lol, especially if it ain’t selling)

    • Haa haaa I gotcha…the creative process is an addiction for me also. I guess if we were satisfied we wouldn’t keep trying to create new! Hey, you are an airbrush artist also! I used to teach, learned a lot from my students! Keep spraying!

  2. I usually quit when I am tired of something I’m working on. Another indication is when I really don’t know what more to do and like what I have. There’s always the next painting.
    My intrigue, here, is not your question about that. This piece of art you posted is my favorite abstract of any I’ve seen and that’s no lie. I love the colors and the shapes and can imagine so much. It would hold interest for me for years to come. Good job!

    • Wow Leslie…that is very cool! I know what you mean when you said you don’t know what more to do. It is a delicate line the artist must walk. When to quit has always been the hardest part for me, as a lot of artists “over work” a piece. This piece I posted was just a detail of a large piece……I hope you visit my website…….Thanks again for the very kind words……Deb

  3. LOL,,, Sorry found that amusing.. ” I used to teach, learned a lot from my students! ” It hits the nail right on the head…! I was tryin to explain this concept to someone the other day….. they didn’t get it..?? I am teaching my 8 yr old nephew what I can,,, lol, I am learning plenty from the experience…..!
    Yes, I am an airbrush artist,, or atleast a practising one… but have been a pen & ink, and #2 pencil guy for a long time before the brush..!

    • Yeah funny huh….One of my old teachers always said it’s not the art, it’s when to stop! That is true, it’s an art to know that you are over-working a piece. All of a sudden you look at it and wap, you end up with a mess. I did learn a lot from all these different artists I was teaching airbrush to. I need to do more drawing, I’m always covered in paint…..that # 2 sounds good..LOL

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