POP ART …just a couple more bad boys




60's Man

O.K. So here are a few more Pop Art paintings I did. Looking at them now, I remember the torture I went thru painting these. Long days at the table painstakingly painting….god I am a glutton for punishment sometimes. I do find myself lookina at a painting job and the harder it is the more I drool over it…funny. If the task seems impossible, I will want to take it on.

These were fun though, they came from  my ceramics line I created for Tops Gallery in Malibu. I handpainted a butter dish that said “God I love this shit” on it….sold a lot. That was a great store, and I hope they open again soon, Bob and Dawn have the eye. I also painted coffee mugs that had…” I am nothing without my grande, low fat, carmel macchiato on them.

The above paintings were done for Andrew Lloyds Webers producer of the Broadway show…Bombay Dreams, which was way ahead of it’s time, it would be perfect out now due to “Slumlord” Anyway the paintings went to New York for the opening night party, sold most of them, BUT I will NEVER do that again! 17 of these bad boys in about 2 weeks…crate em’ ….ship em….DONE. These paintings are why I have chosen to return to abstract painting and my “Organic Art ” series.  I needed to put the fine brushes down and return to spontaneous, emotional, action painting….big time!


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