Hey, worms are organic artists too!

Worms as the Artists: Reusing Organic Waste

Thursday January 15, 2009

Category: MFTA in the News


The good news:  The average New Yorker generates less waste than the average American, who produces approximately five pounds of trash per day.

The great news:  The New York City Compost Project helps New Yorkers reduce that quantity even further!  Almost half of our garbage is compostable, and the NYC Compost Project was created by the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) in 1993 to provide compost outreach and education to residents and businesses in each borough to help keep our numbers down.

Experts from the Queens Botanical Gardens’ division led a recent workshop at MFTA to demonstrate how to turn kitchen scraps into black gold. 

With red wiggler worms, shredded paper, approved food waste, and plastic bins (procured for free from MFTA), Master Composters Julia and Dan discussed the science behind composting and offered ways to incorporate composting into homes, gardens, classrooms, or offices.  Participants shared their experiences and came away with helpful techniques for creating thriving vermiculture environments.

Interested in generating your own compost?  Keep an eye out for the Queens Compost Project at MFTA.  They will be frequenting our warehouse during shopping hours to field questions and exhibit both indoor and outdoor bins. With MFTA working together with the NYC Compost Project, we can cover the spectrum of materials to rethink and reuse!

For information on composting, and for a workshop calendar, visit the NYC Compost Project website:

For detailed information on vermicomposting, go directly to their how-to section:


2 thoughts on “Hey, worms are organic artists too!

  1. I was a worm picker for 1o years (reds and wigglers), so I already know about worms’ composting abilities. Two of the many
    things I learned: wigglers will leave the
    beds during lightning storms and proper
    moisture maintenance is a must.

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