Lakers win = Violence!

O.K. So do you get it?

The Lakers don’t win =Violence….The Lakers win=Violence.

Here is what Osho has to say on Violence….

“We have worked for thousands of years to make the Earth a big madhouse, and we have succeeded, unfortunately……There is violence everywhere for the simple reason that we have, in subtle ways,not allowed people’s energies to be creative, and whenever creative energies are prevented they become destructive.”

People have a lot of steam to blow off. They are in dead end jobs, not making enough money to keep ahead of things, stress, unrest, and no time to enjoy the creative sides of their lives, they are not living. Their day to day existence…. not secure, will they be fired? They have no health insurance, cannot make the car payments, and are behind on 5 credit cards that the interest was just raised on. Are you surprised by the gun fire from last night in L.A.? I’m not….people will take any reason to blow off some steam that has built up in their lives.

The need for meditation grows stronger each day as our world evolves!


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