ramblings of a tired artist…..

Yesterday was a bitch. It was my birthday. I had to help a friend who was leaving her boyfriend she had been living with. She is a lost soul right now, and she needed me. She was living with someone up in a small town, after moving back to the US from Spain. In Spain she had a busy life, she could walk out her door and have a whole little beach town at her feet, lots to do. She walked everywhere. Then she came back to Calif. and took up with an old boyfriend….he doesn’t live, is just tucked away in a mountain retreat. She went crazy and left on a Greyhound bus ( sounds like a bad country western song). I had to pick her up get her to a place where she could catch a bus to Santa Monica, and be at work….only to find out I made no money after sweating and rushing ( to make my boss happy) to get there. I am on commission 2 days a week.

So I realized last night after my husband NEVER said Happy Birthday to me….he didn’t know what day it was……that I don’t really care. I mention it here because quite honestly I kind of find it funny. My husband doesn’t have a lot going on, so not that he was busy or anything. He just didn’t know what day it was. I finally arrived home at about 10pm with Taco Bell, I know, but hey it was my Birthday! I have been trying to eat really good food only, and wanted some god damn tacos….crucify me!

So I am celebrating my birthday today…..I will paint all day, be covered in paint, eat well, and go up the trail later. I’m going to make an assemblage in the creekbed…I have an idea I want to see thru. Yesterday was a drag….I was trying to please too many other people than myself……..today the world is mine, I will be selfish, self centered and self actualizing, self above all else….centered……loving and kind to my spirit…….carpe diem!!


4 thoughts on “ramblings of a tired artist…..

  1. Hey, a belated Happy Your Day, and you are a very good friend. As for your hubby—wake that man up—somehow—companionship is a terrible thing to waste. Create, create create!!!

    • Haaaa He feels so bad, remembered yesterday! It’s o.k. though dates actually don’t mean too much to me, I have a horrible memory also when it comes to that! He is my buddy for many, many years!

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