“Organic Art” and a moment of perfection is a drug

When I look back on the times in my life that I have been thankful to be alive, or had incredible gratitude for where I was, the picture always surfaces for me of the environment I am in physically at that particular moment in time. I am drawn to moments that take my breath away.

It might be swimming in turquoise waters in Hawaii, a mountaintop in Switzerland, or on a boat in Greece. Inevitably when I am in an amazing place I have overwhelming feelings of contentment, that the moment is indeed perfection. Those moments one is happy to be alive, and in that very place of momentary bliss. I also get this feeling when a painting  I’m working on is finally complete. I have written about the hardest part of creating art for me is knowing when it is done, when to stop, but once there….the contentment is palpable. Completion is a drug for some artists, a battle for others.

Whether you are an “Organic Artist” working in paint, clay, wood, etc…..I think there are some interesting commonalities. Generally speaking, I think we all care about our environments, about animal rights, holistic living, recycling, living green, hunger throughout the world, peace, yoga, organic foods, vitamins, pilates,alternative spiritual growth movements, alternative relationships, change, fair trade items, solar power, global warming, hypnosis, supporting personal causes, living simply, but living with purpose.

I would be interested in hearing from conscious people, artists or not………… I think we are an interesting lot, I’m happy to be alive!

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