“I strive to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am” unknown quote


He is so cute. He waits for me. When I pull up and the screen door is open I see him waiting at the door, his little head just above the bottom of the door peeking out. Why are dogs so damn loyal? They are the most dedicated creatures I know. How did I end up with Snaggies? We went to get a cat to help with the ground squirrel population in the back ( lots of ground squirrels attract rattlesnakes)   and there he was sitting quietly in the middle of a cage at the pound surrounded by yapping little dogs. Little did I know that the reason why he was so calm was that he had kennel cough, and did not feel well. Anyway when I decided to bring him home the people at the shelter told me that the original owners turned him in because” he didn’t look like a puppy any longer” Now I don’t know about you, but these people sound like complete monsters to me….what IDIOTS! I hope they see this. How can anyone in their right mind say something like that? Snaggies is the best zen warrior dog I know, he is loving , kind, and completely dedicated to me.


                                                                                My Bailey portrait aka:snaggies


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