Are fireworks worth it? whadda ya think?

Local sea birds fall victim to July 4th fireworks

3:55 PM | July 7, 2008

July_4th_fireworks_victim_2 Just days after we ran a story about a NorCal town banning fireworks to save wildlife, young birds here in SoCal were scared right out of the trees during the annual fireworks extravaganzas that rim the Santa Monica Bay. Local marine animal rescue groups report finding numerous birds after this year’s displays, some dead or injured, others alive but helpless.

In the photo is one of several young great blue herons knocked from their nests by the blasts in Marina del Rey. This heron, too young to fly, was snapped in an apartment courtyard just moments before a rescue group arrived. The bird will be fostered and, if it survives, released.

What do you think – is this a serious issue, or much ado about nothing? Are fireworks worth the risk?

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