Old jeans get the boot!

Levis Reused Jeans Shoes photo.jpg

Lurking amongst Levi’s new Red Tab footwear collection is their Reused Jean Shoe. Basically a Converse style sneaker styled around “pre-loved authentic Levi’s jeans.” Apparently it takes a couple of pairs to make a pair, with many of the components of the famous pants being incorporated into the shoes, from coin-pocket, yellow stitching, belt loops to the fly stud button. Each pair is said to be unique.

We aren’t sure where they come by the used jeans, but maybe we do know one possible place where they may just have sourced them.

They might be the leftovers from another Levi’s environmental initiative, the Jeans Exchange Program, that was running last month. Under the title of ‘Give Jeans,’ customer were encouraged to trade-in their pre-loved jeans. For their donation they received 25% off a pair of new jeans, while those donated jeans in good condition were passed onto Goodwill Industries for sale through their thrift shops. Sales of the jeans were used to fund job training and career advancement programs run by Goodwill.

Although not noted anywhere, we guess it is possible the non-saleable rejects from this campaign could find their way into shoes. We didn’t notice these shoes being available in the US, but they are being released this winter (which is now!) in Australian and New Zealand, and according to one report they’ll be priced around $100 AUD for the high tops and $90 AUD for the low cuts.

We didn’t find anything official on either of Levi’s Aussie or Kiwi sites, as both were having a grease and oil change, at least when we went looking.


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