George Billis Gallery-Nina Tichava

Exhibition Detail Nina Tichava NINA TICHAVA George Billis Gallery- LA 2716 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

July 10th – August 29th Opening: 
July 18th 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM





Aspen and Ring,Nina TichavaNina Tichava, Aspen and Ring,
2008, mixed media on panel, 18 x 63″
© Courtesy of the Artist and George Billis Gallery- LA

My process is heavily influenced by the commonly considered “functional” art form of printmaking. Many of my methods are pulled directly from etching, woodblock printing, screen printing and reductive printmaking. I appreciate the distance created by these techniques; the element of chance, the lack of control and the often unconscious and organic creations are fundamental elements in my paintings. These newest works possess a just-glimpsed quality, incorporating suspended movements—floating up, weighing down, breaking a surface, plunging to a depth or remaining afloat atop a plane; my compositions involve balancing these movements and images.

The paintings tell stories through time, blending visual and tactile experiences into layered and complex structures. I am interested in the history of surface, where the painting has been or what it once was, if even for a moment. Precious and quiet events excite and astound me, and these are the building-blocks of my paintings: cast shadows on building tiles, transient sunlight on a woven rug, the movements of grasses and weeds—the overlapping patterns created by teeming life.


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