I’m going to paint today…finally!

I haven’t painted in about 10 days, an eternity for me. I don’t know if this happens to other artists but for me not to paint I start feeling anxious. It could also be the fact that I broke one of my front teeth this weekend, not chipped, BROKE off at the gumline….that will do strange things to you. I’m mad. I’m sure my paintings will not be light and airy today. They will be full of fire and aggresion…..I haven’t eaten anything of any consequence either, that doesn’t help. Enough of that, Monday morning I will go in to the dentist to be tortured for a few hours and come out a new girl, probably $2500 poorer.

Things that throw me off….

cars not working, bills, teeth problems, upset stomachs, a crazy dog, no canvases, no white paint, no money, when you pour a bowl of cereal and have no milk, annoying phone calls, traffic, the IRS, anyone that wants too much of me

Things I must do to over compensate for all of the above….PAINT!

I think a true artist MUST create, it’s not a choice. It’s something one must do to feel a whole person…if you don’t something is missing. If you do paint it relieves the itch, the need to speak out, to create, to make new moments in your life. To get it out, that thing that must be preformed or said, or made……that is what it does for me. You know how you feel after a day of painting…..empty in a great way. That is my addiction.

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