Exotic  flower


I have created a forum for all organic artists to share their ideas, chat, theories, joys, frustrations, and experience with. YES, it’s FREE! I used to teach art and found that I learned so much from all of my students. Ever had a technique question and no one to ask? Please for all you pro artists out there, your knowledge is helpful! Please join us in creating a source of discovery for many, many, artists. We are looking for artists of all mediums..painters, potters, sculptors, wood workers, jewelry artists, anything with an organic feel to it!

It’ll be interesting, and a great networking experience!

Luvs, Deb

2 thoughts on “Calling ALL ORGANIC ARTISTS!!!!

  1. Hello Deb, I am very interested in joining you, however at this point, I am a little swamped about getting a profile into place. I will be finding my way to your ning group soon.

    Have a Beautiful and Creative Day!

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