Deb Haugen paintings showing at “Organics” L.A. 8/1–8/31


 ORGANICS  HERBAL NUTRITION CENTER “Artist of the Month” is pleased to announce for August the work of Deb Haugen, her art will be on display from Aug 1st until the 31st.

” My current organic series was inspired by the creekbed behind my home. I reveal hidden worlds tucked just below the surface. Organic art is vital, primordial, rudimentary and essential. I like to touch atmospheric memories in people, I guess it has to do with my fond memories of being raised near a swamp….it was magical”

Deb Haugen is a local Malibu artist, and will be showing pieces from her “Organic Art series” Deb’s work is in private collections in the US, Japan, and Europe. We hope you will stop by!

Organics…herbal nutrition center

1435 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. (just south of Pico)



  48×60                     “Life’s Explosion”             acrylic, ink, salt on canvas   





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