Make someone happy today…..miracle in Mexico!

O.K. so yesterday I made someone in this world extremely happy. Why can’t we do that everyday? Let me explain……I am having dental drama, went to my local dentist, they said I need a bridge…had to yank 4 teeth and it would be $3600…yikes o.k. I made the appt. to go back the next day, had a bad dream, stressed, and then resolved myself to do it. I go the next morning and she says, we were wrong on the price quote, it will be $7740….are you kidding? There is no way. I decide to go to a foreign country for dental work like so many Americans do….the costs are prohibitive here!

I get up at 4:30 AM to drive to Tijuana. Now, I know what y’all are saying…TJ?   Hear me out….

My daughter who is a little concerned because of all the drug cartels shootings and murders going on at the border calls…..”we will be fine I tell her”!

My husband and I get down there in record time….cross the border, jump in a cab, and are there right on time. I get the the preliminary work, bite impression, molds, x rays, then we go downtown for lunch and shopping. The place is deserted, except for a few tour busses from Canada with tourists from India…ya, go figure. I laugh at the little Indian boy on a donkey with a big sombrero on , and the parents taking photos….it is a small world afterall. Those pics will end up in Delhi, with their family ohhhhhing and ahhhhinng.

We go back I get the rest of the preliminary work done and we call a cab to get us back to the border…..OH IMPORTANT…..I almost forgot to tell you that the work being done is $2100, AND they do NOT have to pull any teeth for a bridge. Dr. Ricardo Alvarez  Carrera has an office that looks like it could be smack dab in the middle of Beverly Hills, modern art and all. He is the assistant professor in Implant Dentistry of Loma Linda Dental School here in S. Calif., but has an office in Tijuana….Centro de Implantes Dentale toll free 1-888-287-1969…tell Bertha Deb haugen sent you!….Root Canals like 300-400 dollars, crowns around $450…Now in this economy to pay 2200 for something you can get for $750 is  well, insane. If you need any dental work do not hesitate to call them, they are amazing! Their office is clean, beautiful, and highly professional…….They do all dentistry, not just implants. Feel good about going there, they are pro’s!

Anyway so we get in the cab, the nicest cab driver drives us around, my husband looking for something, this guy stops here and there trying to help us. Pedro is just a sweet man, everytime my husband goes in a place I wait outside and talk to him. We get to the border, and I asked “How Much”? He says… me what you want….I will take whatever you would like to give me…..WHAT? Does this happen anywhere in the world? Imagine that happening in New York City, Boston, San Francisco???? I think not. I give the guy 15 bucks, and the look on his face is priceless! He has now put us into Rock Star Status, in his eyes a dolden light has come from above and we are glowing! He is so thankful, mind you, for 15 dollars, he cannot get over it!  He gives me a card and says next time I am there he will pick me up at McDonalds at the border and the trip is free! This guy is in shock, he is humble, and a really nice person…Pedro was sooooo happy today.

Soooo, I made someone happy yesterday. It was simple, yet powerful for someone else’s life. I got back a lot more than I gave.

I’m going to try and do that everyday………

It was a very good day …..


3 thoughts on “Make someone happy today…..miracle in Mexico!

  1. I too have had work done by Dr. Alvarez and will be completing my treatment in a few more weeks.

    My experience started with an unfortunate run-in with my 3 year olds head and my front tooth, which was a crown from a previous root canal. Well, the crown snapped in half breaking off my own tooth underneath, leaving the only options for me being a bridge or an implant. A bridge would mean losing several other teeth as well as the “problem tooth”. I, of course, chose an implant. Until I found out the cost!! Wow, estimates ranged from $5500 (from a dentist doing a friend a favor for me) – $8000. I do not have this kind of money and I panicked! Afterall, it was my front tooth!

    Luckily, my husband has relatives in Mexico who recommended several implant surgeons. I tried to google all of them, but only Dr. Alvarez had any info available on him. I read all I could on him, his creditials, his affiliation with Loma Linda University, his website, etc. I knew he was the dentist for me. Whether it be in the States or in Mexico. He was my #1 choice.

    I was worried about going into Mexico for dental work, for going there with such “horror stories” about the area now, the travelling from Northern Calif., and on and on. My anxiety was so high until I actually went there. We parked at the border, crossed over, hopped in a cab and within 10 minutes arrived at a very nice dental office. State of the art equipment, extremely clean, and the best staff I’ve ever encountered at a dental office before. They were so nice to my husband and myself. Everyone spoke english so there was no problem understanding anything; although my husband does speak spanish. Then I met Dr. Alvarez and if I had any residual anxiety left, they went out the window. I knew he would do a wonderful job. And he did. He was able to do my extraction and implant on the same visit. If you are familiar with implants, this is normally unheard of. It did not hurt me at all. After 6 months of being very careful with this new implant, I’m ready for my permanant crown which I will receive here pretty soon.

    The cost was so unbelievable! A mere fraction of what I would have paid in the States and more importantly I had the best dentist possible. I’m so happy with my experience!!

    Dr. Alvarez made what would have been a very traumatic and expensive event into a breeze. I receommend Dr. Alvarez to anybody needing any dental work. I only wish I lived closer so I could use him as our family dentist for all our dental needs.

    Thanks Dr. Alvarez!

    Shannon Piedra

    • That is great! My experience also! I think anyone here in the US that doesn’t give it a try is missing a great opportunity. You could go all the way to Thailand, another well known place for dental work, but really why spend the money. I will return soon for more work, AND we make a fun day of it also!

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