Oh go Tattoo a Friggin’ PIG!

Belgian Artist Tattoos Live Pigs For Organic Art Exhibition In Beijing

 Saturday, 20 August 2005
From my “that’s so friggin wierd files”………….here u go…
A tattoo artist works on a live pig at an organic art center outside Beijing Friday Aug. 19, 2005. Artists at the Art Farm, set up by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, tattoo anesthetized pigs to create works which are expected to be displayed in galleries once the pigs eventually die.
I honestly do NOT like this…BUT……If it makes the pig more valuable, AND keeps them from being killed….I say go for it!
Go Tattoo a pig….save it’s life!

The pigs, which are tattooed with designs ranging from the Louis Vuitton ( oh gawd how original) logo to Russian prison tattoos, are expected to live a longer than normal life since their increased value protects them from being killed for food. (AP Photo)

12 thoughts on “Oh go Tattoo a Friggin’ PIG!

  1. That’s actually a really interesting point I haven’t thought about.. I suppose if it makes them more valuable alive, it isn’t too bad. If you don’t mind, I’d really like to write about this on my blog (www.tattoosdayuk.com) and link you, let me know what you think, yeah?
    Mel Roberts

  2. I agree with you- this is quite repulsive!
    The argument that this will help give these pigs a prolonged life is just a round about way of serving the desired end with the means.
    So these pigs will love longer, just because we will let them live longer, which we do because we are so infatuated with the marketing they carry on their backs?
    I am still trying to get my head around this. Isn’t tattooing these animals plain and simple animal cruelty? Do lend your thoughts some more…

    • Yeah, it’s just such a warped self serving thing to do. I’m still mulling it over in my mind. Is it animal cruelty if it prolongs their lives? What was the fate of the pig if they were NOT chosen as tattoo subjects, so you see it’s not cut and dry here. I would love to hear from the artist on their perspective.

  3. Yeah I think the artist’s perspective would be more valuable than anything, to be honest. He may have had good intentions, really. The thing is, if he wasn’t tattooing pigs, he would probably be tattooing pig skin, as the weird fake skin people practice on before tattooing isn’t so widespread over there- so maybe it’s better they’re still alive? I don’t know.

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