Im tired of being sexy, listen to what the nice lady says


(Left:) SMEAR, “Samurai Rabbit”, 2009, 24″ x 16″, mixed media on wood panel. 
(Right:) Will Potter, “From Under My Bed”, 2009, 24″ x 18″, Ink Jet Print on German Etching Paper.

SMEAR – I’m Tired of Being Sexy
Will Potter – Listen to What the Nice Lady Says

August 15 – August 29
Opening Reception, Saturday August 15th, 6 – 10pm

Lawrence Asher Gallery
5820 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 100, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Contact, Jonathan Kramer
323-935-9100, Fax 323-964-7107
Web site:
Gallery hours, Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm, Saturday, 12noon – 5pm

Filled with references to growing up in East Hollywood, SMEAR‘s artwork incorporates these images to create a fascinating puzzle. Colorful and innocent at first glance, these urban compositions unveil a more complicated story. Upon closer inspection, the imagination of a non-conformist becomes evident as it unleashed a singular perspective.

Lawrence Asher Gallery also introduces photographer Will Potter who captures moments of everyday life unfettered by pre-conceived notions. Potter’s glimpses of Los Angeles transform and refresh the city as if newly discovered.

Please join us for the opening reception of these exceptional exhibitions on Saturday, August 15th, 2009, 6 – 10 pm. 

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