40 yrs ago this weekend….Woodstock…wink!

On a 600 acre dairy farm the seeds of change were sown, 40 yrs. ago this weekend….Woodstock. Billed as an “Aquarian Exposition” it was so much more, so much more life changing, a moment in history that will never be forgotten by many.

I was on my way there, the intentions were good, I just didn’t make it. Stranded in Vegas, my heart was there. I am a hippy, always was and always will be. What does that mean? It means we had a belief that things could be better, that change was possible and necessary. The 60’s were a renaissance of a time. A guy named Jimi picked up a guitar, and women now had the pill. We rebelled against a nonsensical war, saw our brothers and friends die. We were not satisfied with the conformity of the 50’s to stay home and bake cookies for our 9 to 5 husband, and 2.3 kids.

There was so much creative consciousness that exploded out into the universe during those times. Organic foods came about, art changed, expressionism was at an all time high….. ( no pun intended).

My friend Carole was dating Jim Morrison, yeah really….we used to go over to his house above Cafe Lafayette along the Venice boardwalk. Music was at an all time peak of creative flow. Janis Joplin wailed, Jimi cranked it up, and Bob Dylan was GOD, his lyrics spoke of hidden worlds.

I’m so happy that I got to experience the Love-Ins in San Francisco, and dance in my suede fringed vest at The Fillmore to Jefferson Airplane. Lay in the sun in the park in The Haight. All of it shaped the person I am today. It was an amazing time to be young, people came and went some traveled East to meet the Maharishi, and learn TM. Some became sannyasins of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and the world flowered. Thank you Osho for being who you are.

Yes, we ran away from home, smoked pot, and made love, not war. Some of us went to Canada, some into alternative business. Some went to Vietnam, others to India or Bangaladesh, or Thailand. Some went to the mental wards while others jumped out of buildings, others laid down in the streets with their protests banners held high. I burned my bra.

There are some of us that will never, ever forget the gift we were given by growing up in that incredible conscious raising time. It stays with us, it permeates our lives, directing our directions every step along the way. Next time you drive by a yoga studio, wink, it’s someones grandmother that spread the seeds of change to her kids. Wink… when you walk in a Whole Foods market, or put your organic cotton shirt on. Wink…. at your Vegan neighbor. Wink…. at the buddha sticker on the VW in front of you in traffic……Wink when you carry your recycle bags into the market or unwrap a Tofutti bar…..Wink for Greenpeace…….just give a wink for….



Peace, Love, and Music…… Deb…..wink

P.S. Wear your tie dye this weekend!


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