Hey Artists….Show us your incorruptibility

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA)

Call for Entries.
proVISIONal art
rejecting the sleek and the manicured
Deadline for entries
August 28, 2009 (received NOT postmarked)
For Prospectus: http://www.occca.org

Exhibition dates: October 2 – November 14, 2009

Orange County Center For Contemporary Art
117 N Sycamore. Santa Ana, CA 92701
714 667 1517
E-mail, grau@prodigy.net
Web site, http://www.occca.org
Thursday – Sunday 12-5pm, Friday, Saturday 12-5pm, & 5-9pm
*call for evening availability

Wary of the slick technological elaborations of commercial art, we hunger for the evidence of authentic ideas created by an artist’s hand-the ultimate transposer of human intimacy. In doing so, we make an open call for art works rejecting the sleek and the manicured.

Provisional art is a response by the fine art community to the dominancy of commercial art. The 21st century genre is not unlike Dada and Abstract Expressionism, looking to redefine and innovate. Provisional works explore negation. They may be risky, perhaps they collapse beneath the weight of art school dogma, appearing unfinished or tentative, yet reflect the humble beauty of the temporary.

Ultimately, the juried works for OCCCA’s proVISIONal Art fly in the face of current art practices, evoking strategies that do not apply to, but rather reply to mainstream conventions. Open to all mediums, we only ask that you WOW us with your incorruptibility.

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