Osho….quote of the day…work!

oshos feet

Work is not work. And without work you will become more rotten, because what will you do? Your whole energy will become just a whirlpool inside and will create a thousand and one problems. Work is needed…..it is a relaxation. You create energy by food, by sleep. Where to put that energy?

You have to be creative about it. And work is a very ugly word, and particularly in the West, it is very ugly. That has created a certain subconscious attitude. In primitive villages, work is taken to be almost a play, a game. Everything is thought to be a game.

In a primitive village, even now in India in remote parts, the villagers will get up at four or three  o’clock in the morning and the whole village will start singing.  They are getting ready for their day’s work. From every hut song will arise, drums will beat and somebody will start playing on the flute. Then everybody will come out and move towards their fields to work, singing together in choruses. And it continues the whole day. They work seems to be joined with play. By the end of the day they come back, tired. It has been hard work under the hot sun. They will return to their villages and start dancing again into the night. They will go on dancing until late, and then fall asleep under the trees. Again in the morning they are there singing. It is very difficult to decide what seperates their work from their play, they overlap.

Take work as a game and enjoy it. Everything is a challenge.



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