100 chemicals and all before breakfast!


  • Most American Women come in contact with 100 chemicals before breakfast. Baby’s are born with more than 200 chemicals in their blood (Red Cross 2004).

  • Europe prohibits 1,100 ingredients in personal care products – the FDA prohibits only 9. Major manufacturers clean up their products for Europe, but leave the chemicals in their US products. The FDA does not require testing of ingredients and products.

  • “…the harmful chemicals that you apply to your skin are much more toxic, and pose greater cancer and other risks, than if you ate them.”  – Toxic Beauty   

  • Tests of thousands of ingredients have shown alarming risks – endocrine, thyroid, hormone, and reproductive system disruption, neurotoxicity, cancer, and more.


  • Its very easy to look up your products at www.cosmeticsdatabase.com. You will see an overall hazard score from 0 to 10. Then, be sure to click on the product to see the hazard score of each ingredient.  Even a “low to moderate hazard” product contains  some pretty nasty ingredients – parabens, PEG’s, triclosan, etc. Any “score” above ZERO is potentially hazardous. Consider the “body burden” of a lifetime of these products.

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