Luscious Spanish plate in Benidorm


I’m a really pickie eater. I thought there might be a problem in Spain as I cannot tolerate spicey food. Well, first that was my own ignorance. I assumed Spanish food was spicey, why, hell I don’t know…they speak Spanish, I know Mexican food is spicey ..they speak Spanish also. My reasoning was way off. My worries about finding something to eat were not worries at all once I got to Spain and bravely started tasting new dishes. That’s a big part of traveling trying local favorite dishes, it gives you a real feel how the people live when you sit down at a table with them to break bread.

I loved the food! I am a knucklehead for worrying. The food is flavorful without being too spicey. It is rich in color and textures. I absolutely was so surprised.

Above is a typical plate you might sit down for lunch at a Tapas Bar. Tapas Bars are fantastic because you can pick and choose and sample a little of everything. It’s a brilliant way to eat. It gets so hot in Spain in the summer people have a big meal at lunch, then go for siesta, then later at night when it’s cooled down maybe go out for Tapas and a drink, little plates of yumminess…’s brilliant. That way you are out in the cooler evening, seeing friends, and don’t go to sleep on a stuffed stomach.

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