Magnus Stark-Photography


Magnus Stark

October 15 – November 7, 2009
Reception: Saturday, October 11, 4-7pm

517 S. Sierra Madre Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: (626) 356-2408
Web site:
Gallery hours, Thursday – Saturday, noon to 5pm

On Sunday, October 11th, a solo exhibition by MAGNUS STARK will begin the 7th year of exhibitions at HAUS with a preview reception for the artist from 4 to 7 p.m.

In this exhibition Stark explores the fringes of photography by creating images without a camera, light, lenses or enlargers. Each of Stark’s one-of-a-kind images begins as an unexposed sheet of Polaroid film, which he treats as a blank slate, a tabula rasa. The emulsion of this cellulose “canvas” is then chemically manipulated to summon his compositions from the primordial “id.” According to Stark, the process is essentially one of distillation that plays out for hours, days, and sometimes weeks as he “exposes” the images. At a certain point the image is fixed with his scanner and then processed with Photoshop.

This highly personal, symbiotic, digital/alchemical combination produces unpredictable, enigmatic and provocative images that conjure microscopic life-forms, topographic details and far-flung planetary constellations.

Magnus Stark was born in Sweden and now lives and works in Pasadena. He received his BA in Communications from the University of Washington and has been in various group exhibitions in the Los Angeles area. This will be Stark’s first solo exhibition.

Magnus Stark

Magnus Stark


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