Paris…”Women are Heroes”…..breath takingly beautiful!

Infos pratiques

Attention : la durée des expositions en extérieur peut changer. En effet, les photos sont affichées en plein air sans protection.
Elles sont donc susceptibles d’être altérées par des passants ou emportées par des pluies violentes ou des crues de la Seine.

Les collages commenceront le 21 septembre. Il sera donc possible d’observer JR et son équipe procéder à l’installation de
l’exposition pendant quelques jours.


Exposition à la Mairie du IVème arrondissement (Nuit Blanche 2009 – 3 octobre) :
2, place Baudoyer – 75004 Paris




Paris 3 October – 2 November 2009

Having presented his portraits of women in Brazil, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, India, Belgium, Britain and other countries, JR is showing the whole of his «Women» exhibition for the first time.
After «Portraits of a Generation», inspired by events in the suburbs of Paris, and «Face 2Face», which was displayed in the Middle East, «Women» is the third phase of the 28 Millimetre project, taking its name from the wide-angle lens that requires the photographer to be only centimetres from the model in order to take the portrait.
WOMEN grew out of many pictures and few words. JR’s words were necessary, of course, to convince more than 70 women around the world to take part in the project. JR went to meet those living in the shadows, the real pillars of their societies despite daily violence, wars or simply discrimination. His desire to shift certain limits by using unusual places allows him to deal with subjects in the news in an innovative way. From 3 October to 2 November, through thris exhibition and a book, people will learn all about this adventure that took JR to ten countries on four continents.

The exhibition has been conceived as a journey through Paris in the open air. Visitors can see it on foot, on bicycle or by riverboat.

– Around the Ile Saint-Louis, from 3 October to 2 November

Portraits, studies and other photos from the WOMEN project will be pasted up, particularly on bridges, the embankments and a City of Paris building. Some posters are anamorphic, making the image suitable for viewing from the embankment opposite. Using a «street audio guide» system, passers-by can dial a free number from their mobile phones, to hear interviews with these women and their life-stories.

– Exhibition at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, from 3 to 23 October
Inside the oldest house of the world’s oldest favela, which JR dismantled and brought from Rio during his activities there in April 2009, two video installations will look back over the whole project.

– Town Hall in the IVth district, on 3 October, for the «Nuit Blanche 2009»
Placed at the centre of the courtyard, the public will be surrounded by grimacing faces and the watchful eyes of women. This set-up offers hitherto unseen pictures and sequences of what JR has been doing in this project since 2007.

Informations Pratiques
Informations, plan d’accès , horaires de l’exposition “Women Are Heroes” à Paris

Voir les informations Pratiques de l’exposition Women

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