Baby wigs….pretty disturbing!


 Credit: Loubi Lou, Getty Images

Like those stretchy headbands weren’t bad enough — some moms are so embarrassed by their bald baby girls that they’re putting them in custom-made wigs.

Blogger Sandra Rose recently shared the story of a reader who says: “It’s never too early for my baby to start looking glamorous like Beyonce!” The unnamed parent went so far as to have a lace-front human-hair wig custom made for her wee one, in a style much like her own. “I wouldn’t be caught dead without my lace front and my baby won’t either,” says the mom.

Mommy-n-me wigs may just be the most disturbing parenting trend we’ve heard in a long time, and The Frisky agrees with us. That site wants to know what’s next: Thong diapers?

How about coordinating stripper poles, one for the nursery and one for the master bedroom? Or better yet, twin therapists to deal with their matching self-esteem issues? Suri’s high heels are starting to look a lot more innocent with every waking moment.

2 thoughts on “Baby wigs….pretty disturbing!

  1. If you are putting wigs on babies I can see that as a joke and laugh, however if you are putting wigs on babies for glamour, you have some really sic issues going on in ur life. Babies are suppose to be bald headed until they grow their own locks, I put a wig on my great neice as a joke and we all took pictures and got our laugh on. She is now 6 years old. She was 6 months when we put the wig on her. even she laughs at herself, but never as a glamourous person, she is and all babies will grow into their beauty. Do not take the innocence away from the child too young.

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