Ringling Bros appalling abuse…..YOU can do something

Christie Brinkley: Ringling’s Abuse of Animals ‘Absolutely Appalling’

Christie Brinkley and her kids will be no-shows at the “Cruelest Show on Earth” since receiving PETA’s letter detailing Ringling Bros.’ grim record of abusing animals. The supermodel/actor calls Ringling Bros.’ death toll “absolutely appalling”—from Clyde the lion who died of apparent heatstroke and dehydration in a hot train car to Riccardo, the 8-month-old elephant destroyed after he fell from a pedestal and fractured his legs. Nineteen elephants—three of them babies—have died at the hands of Ringling Bros. over the last decade alone. Other tragic deaths include those of two horses who were struck by a freight train as they were being unloaded from the Ringling train, a caged tiger who was shot to death by an angry Ringling trainer, a horse used by Ringling despite a chronic medical condition who collapsed and died during the circus’s animal parade, and a wild-caught sea lion who was found dead in her transport container.

Christie assured PETA, “Now that I know that, I will not be taking my kids to the circus anymore.”

Watch PETA’s video “Ringling Bros. Exposed” to see what goes on behind the scenes at the big top.

Find out what to do when the circus comes to town—and how to keep it from coming in the first place.

Forward this to a friend.

Help support PETA’s lifesaving work to stop the suffering of elephants, tigers, and other animals abused in the name of “entertainment.”

Ropes, Sharp Hooks, Electric Shocks Used to Train Ringling's Baby Elephants

2 thoughts on “Ringling Bros appalling abuse…..YOU can do something

  1. This kind of abuse pains me to see. I’m glad there are those who have the courage to expose it. They ought to be continaully shamed so that it will stop. I hate when people are mean!

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