End 2009 with Krishna Das in Ca.! I LOVE this man!

End the year with KD in Pacific Grove, CA

December 21, 2009

Road outside Kalani, Big Island

Hi All.Krishna Das finished up his Hawaiian island tour with a kirtan on Oahu this past weekend. On Maui, Ram Dass blessed the retreatants with readings/talks from his soon-to-be-released book and tulsi malas energized by a thread from Maharaji’s blanket for each one. Everyone enjoyed meditation, yoga, Hawaiian ceremonies, and kirtan with Krishna Das each night – all surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of Hawaii.

Krishna Das’s last kirtan this year will be in Pacific Grove, CA – a limited number of tickets are available online at this time.

If you couldn’t escape the cold to Hawaii, there is the retreat at Sivananda, Bahamas in February.

In addition to the 2 New York events in January, we are adding in February Tampa, FL, Portland, ME, and Burlington, VT. Save the dates as below and stay tuned for details on when tickets are available.

In the spring/summer season, there are the retreats at Kripalu, Ananda, and Yogaville for which you can register now.

We will soon be announcing a special multi-city tour across the country schedule in 2010 – KD may be visiting your city!

Happy holidays to All.

Ram Ram

Ram Dass and Krishna Das at retreat on Maui

30 Pacific Grove, CA — Integral Spiritual Experience
9 Port Washington, NY — Kirtan with Krishna Das
23 New York, NY — Power of a Loving Heart – Workshop with Sharon Salzberg & Krishna Das
5-8 Nassau, Bahamas — The Yoga of Chant
13-14 Tampa, FL — Kirtan and Workshop
20 Portland, ME — Kirtan
21 Portland, ME — Workshop
23 Burlington, VT — Kirtan
18-21 Stockbridge, MA — The Power of a Loving Heart: Devotional Chanting and Loving-Kindness Meditation
20 Stockbridge, MA — Kirtan with Krishna Das
30-2 Monroe, NY — Heart Full of Soul retreat
30-2 Buckingham, VA — “Heart as Wide as the World” – Retreat with Krishna Das

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