My paintings start, evolve, and conclude with color…William Lane


William Lane’s abstractions start and finish with color. It is color that defines his often architecturally influenced compositions, providing depth and resonance to the geometric structure of the paintings. Lane’s formal paintings are the result of countless hours of observation, consideration and alteration as the artist pursues a harmonious balance of color, light, composition and surface.

The artist states, “My paintings start, evolve and conclude with color. With some of the recent work there has been an increased emphasis on surface physicality and in others an effort to actually pull color forms outward. I have put paint on a variety of surfaces and attempted some three dimensional color objects.

“These efforts are searches for compositions and structures that convey something of the enthusiasms and recollections that prompt me to paint. The memories of situations – places and spaces – underlay this work.”

William Lane is a graduate of U.C.L.A., receiving his M.A. there in 1961, and has exhibited extensively since. He has been a professor of art at various institutions and has been the recipient of an N.E.A. grant.

For further information, please contact: Jeff Gambill, Director (310) 829-0345.

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