fish pedicures….come on people!

O.K. so fish are not the most discerning of diners. They eat dead skin? I don’t know about you, but I find this to be soooo wierd.

Do I want fish nibbling at my toes? Hell no! This is just the kind of thing that Americans get the decadent label slapped on them for. AND what about the fish? Do they know this isn’t good for them? Are they starved and then thrown into a mix of warm water and foot soup….ugh!

What are you doing today Mary? Oh I’m just going out and having some fish eat my feet. …..Come on folks! Why would you pay to have this done, because it’s new hip and trendy? Oh how shallow of you, what about the poor tiny fish? They’re eating your disgusting toe jam.

People are a lot like fish, they move in groups together, and fall for anything that feeds them.


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