So Elton John thinks Jesus was a gay man!|htmlws-main-n|dl2|link4|

So, Elton John says Jesus was a gay man…..whad-dah-ya-think about that?

I bet for the purests out there that’s really a shocking thing to say. Good for him, that’s what I think.

So Elton happens to believe that Jesus was gay…so what! Big deal.

I’m actually glad that I live in a world that individuals can voice their own opinions.

I’m sure Pat Robertson, amongst others, thinks that Mr. Elton John is just a sick person brain damaged from his being gay. So there aren’t any gay Christians? Come on now….I happen to know a few. If they want their Jesus to prefer men what’s it to anyone else? I think your religion is your own personal interpretation…..or should be anyway. I think the whole idea of Jesus being a “sexual” person is just way too much for people to accept. Why is that? Because we have been fed a doctorine, we do not mess with.

What I can’t take is people who don’t have the nerve to express their opinions, they bow to the masses, or don’t even contemplate enough to develope their own personal views. Those who are mind washed into thinking like the masses cannot fathom how someone could step out of the box, and then have the audacity to vocalize it publically.

I say…..Here’s to you Elton for having the guts to say what you feel, no matter how controversial! Bravo!

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