It was 11:30pm, I was talking on the phone and had an aneurysm…

I’m an artist…. I see things, all things visually. I saw my stroke… was large metal plates, textured, and different colors of paint mixed with the metal. One slapping/slamming on top of the other like cards, but a HUGE metal boom sound when they hit. It felt like a bullet slammed into my brain.

I was talking to my son, and knew something was really not good. It was a terrible headache instantly. I hung up all of a sudden and went quickly into the bedroom. I laid down on the bed and told my husband I was having a stroke to call 911.

That was all I remember.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the hosspital, my neck and wrists strapped to the bed with leather constraints. Oh NO they didn’t!

I was having none of this. I spoke very clearly and very determined, and told the doctor standing over me to get someone to approve getting the restraints off of me right now or else.

It seems as though I had a brain aneurysym.

It took 4 firemen to get me into an ambulance that sped me to UCLA trauma center…..I live 28-30 miles away out at the beach. The doctor that handled my brain surgery said my brain bled, and then fortunately stopped on it’s own accord. They went in and I had a 4-5 hour surgery……How am I?  Things are moving very fast for me, too fast sometimes for me to grasp. When I first sat down at the computer I was over-whelmed, to think I knew all this stuff, it was still there, but slow, muddy, I have to really think and try to remember how to do things…… BUT I AM ALIVE….Thanks UCLA, you are filled with amazing , caring, nurses and doctors. I send a huge HUG to you all.

Bottom line is I need to get a tattoo that says …….”Lucky Girl”

I beat the odds.

My daughter, son, and husband took turns watching over me  in intensive care for the next 3 weeks. Theyprotected me, nurtured me, loved me, pushed healing energy into me…..I felt it all, and knew what they were doing. I said to my son 2 days after my surgery all of a sudden in the middle of the night….”I know what you’re doing”  My son has studied healing and energy techniques in India, and was working on me. I could feel his electric energy going into me. I was drawing it from him. He told me later he went back to Berkeley and slept for 2 days, he was so exhausted. Bottom line is I am so lucky to have this amazing son in my life, and will be forever grateful he was holding my hand and pouring his healing energy into me.

My daughter is Nurse Nightingale….a golden human being, her inner glow is apparent, she is a very special human being. Her  loving care has gotten me healing well. She actually blew me away with her concern of the “stats” blood pressure, etc. B is a blonde and not normally drawn to technical, medical facts if you know what I mean. She blew me away, and very quickly passed my understanding of everything.

My husband was always there, watching over me closely, holding my hand, or making me more comfortable some way. His love enveloped me, and kept me safe. I felt like he was protecting me, and the big mean bear could not get me while he was by my side. Nothing could get through his “check point”

I was surrounded by my family’s protective force field.

It has been 30 days, I feel good, weak, but good……another life’s experience checked off the list.


2 thoughts on “It was 11:30pm, I was talking on the phone and had an aneurysm…

  1. I am so very glad you’re alive!! and that you visited Out of Hand so I could follow the breadcrumbs back to your site and see all your luscious art and read your musings. Former Californian here, quit a job and the company president asked what it would take for me to stay and I told him a house on Broad Beach. Alas I was not worth quite so much to him. Thanks for the visit. A votre sante.

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