an explanation of this piece of art…..20,132 views

The idea behind this art work……these are people that are interested in protecting the trees of our planet.

The tiny squares are groups or organizations that have been started. The numbers represent people.

In the green section there is a capital ” C ” that is the core headquarters where all of the smaller organizations report to.

The numbers you will notice have some correlation…..If you look vertically at them in places they will be subtracted by one……some of the numbers in this are very personal in my life. We are bombarded by numbers, phone, SS#, address, banking….

I am intrigued by miniscule worlds that convey ideas, and speak of organizational thoughts and patterns that are created by made up worlds. Brought to life the tiny worlds are made “real” by their map like intensity. Once you create a map for a concept it at once becomes real, and a pattern for understanding or “reading it is available to the viewer.


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