my dad had a flat nose.

My Dad could press his nose flat against his face, I guess it’s because he was a boxer and had it broken so many times. I thought this was an amazing feat!

My Dad’s chest smelled so good. I use to hug him bury my nose in his chest and breathe deep…..he use to crack up when I did this.

My Dad could swim like Tarzan….so smooth he hardly made a ripple, it was amazing to watch. When I was little I would yell at him to come out to the pool and  “Swim like Tarzan”

My Dad spent 7 yrs. in the hospital….he was a very patient man.

My Dad would come in my room if I had a bad dream, put my trundle bed up, climb into bed, and hold my hand until I went back to sleep. My bad dreams usually consisted of flying catapillars. They were neon purple and green.

My Dad made the best hand cranked ice cream you have ever had.

My Dad taught me about pool motors…..I wasn’t listening.

My Dad never yelled at me, he use to explain things to me.

He was a very happy, kind person.

My Dad use to love my Mom’s  “white dinner”….white noodles, mashed potato and chicken ( no skin), the plate was all white.

When we would spent the summer in Catalina he would let me go down to the pier in the early morning to talk to the divers and fishermen. He knew how obsessed I was with the dive store.

My Dad snored like a freight train, we use to laugh at him tipped back in his recliner.

He pulled his pants up high.

He loved Hawaiian shirts.

I will always love you and thank you for being my Dad, I got a lot of what I am from my Dad….all the good stuff!.


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