My friend Charlie had a heart attack…..

So I was talking to Charlie and we both agree, having both of us just recently gone thru a near death experience ….a few things we noticed.

One there are definetly 2 sides to each of us while we are embroiled in a horrific moment. There is side one….that’s the side that is firing constantly, instinctually reactive, and electrically charged. The side that if A equals B then this must be C side. The side that spontaneously triggers, and keeps the Timex ticking. It’s the side tha tsets up natural mechanisms to protect us. That side just goes about it’s business in times of panic and checks off the check list one by one very methodically.

Then there is side 2, I feel the more personality side, maybe called the soul side?? Maybe it is the side that makes us…..US.  Anyway, that side says …Holy Shit, I’m in a mess right now….WHAT is going on? I’m scared, I’m nervous…..I’m going to die..etc, etc. No everything is cool, I’m o.k. No problem! Settle down idiot you will be fine.

Well, here’s a thought….my side 2 was unconscious when I was put in the ambulance and rushed to UCLA…soooooooo I did NOT fear death. I didn’t know it was knocking at my door. I had no idea, so I was not afraid. I could have died right then and would not have even known because I was unconscious.Now my point is…. was my being unconscious protecting me from knowing how near to death I was? Hmmmm interesting…. could be.

Charlie was awake while the doctors worked on him, and felt the heart attack. BUT he also said he felt like everthing was o.k. also.

So this makes me think maybe we have a built in mechanism that protects us from impendinding doom.Something that knocks us out, something that protects us…. Maybe we only fear death while we are here, alive on earth, alert to the disaster….

Well it’s pretty interesting to think about how the human body is pre- programmed with all of these amazing reactions, why not that protective one?

Think about it……


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