Flowchart to lifelong happiness…Carrots over Cupcakes!

Flowchart to lifelong happiness

By Nathan Yau – Jul 9, 2010 – Infographics

Here’s my take on this……..

I just found this, and it makes simple  sense. Then I started thinking about what makes me happy.

Basically I am a really happy person to begin with. What makes me this way? Is it all the money I have?  Heck No, I’m broke!

I really see the world thru rose colored glasses, I do… I know I do. This bugs my husband when he’s in a bad mood. It grates on him….”How can she be so damn happy”??? I know that’s what he’s thinking half the time.

I suddenly  realized  it is HOW I CHOOSE  to look at the world.  Simple. I believe people are basically good, and want to do good. The idiot that just cut in front of you making you slam on your brakes, and your turkey sandwich go flying, is not really a “mean” person, he’s just un-conscious. He probably had a fight with his wife this morning, or is constipated….who knows, could be a million and one reasons. The main reason is what’s important here, he is just un-conscious!

 Sooooo, I want to be more conscious.

I want to believe the world is a wonderful place and I do. When I watch TV I usually watch alternative things that educate me. That’s what I choose.

Choices are very important…..THEY shape your life!

I’m going to pay more attention to the choices I make in life.

Carrots over cupcakes folks!


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