A Hippy returns 40 yrs. later…..Big Sur!

So here I am in front of the Big Sur Inn 40 years later, being a dork.
Back in 1967-69….
My friend Sandy and I would ditch school on Fridays to get a head start on the weekend, and head out toward Haight Ashbury, The Fillmore, and Big Sur. Sandy owned a little grey Porsche speedster….OMG we would take that Big Sur highway 1 like it was made for us….fast. We’d usually stay over night in magical Pfeifer Camp grounds and always run into some other hippies on their way up to a Love-In in Golden Gate park . At night the drum circles would start and the dance began. Yes, of course there was the around the campfire pot smoking, laughing, lots of wine, just a mellow time in the woods. Those woods are magic even today.
Funny thing is I always  had to put a call into my Mom and Dad just to let them know we got there. I was 17 in 1968….times were really different then. You really didn’t hear about girls disappearing and mass murders etc…..not until the whole Charlie Manson thing. But as a whole it was a safe time. We would camp alone, 2 cute blondes, and not worry about a thing! We would even hitchhike sometimes. That’s one of the reasons why my Dad bought me a Karman Ghia, he saw me hitching to school one morning. When Michelle and I got bored we would get out on PCH and hitch up to Oxnard, turn around and head right back, just for something to do. There would always be an interesting bunch in a VW bus pick you up….we met some great people like that. Like I said it was a far different world then. Peace and Love was the mantra! I found this incredible suede jacket with fringe in San Francisco, and had to buy it….I looked like Janis Joplin in it with my 40 bracelets going up my arm. We would dance for hours. It was a revolutionary time, a rennaisance of a creative time. Where do you think a lot of the things we take for granted came from….The 60’s! Whole Foods Market, Organic Foods, Sustainable living, Recycling, Vitamins and herbs!….YEP, that was all brought to you currently from the Hippies of yesterday!
It was great to go thru Big Sur once again on our way to San fran to see my son…..brought back a lot of memories of great times, hippies, incense, love-ins, The Filmore, and MUSIC!
I feel so fortunate to be a part of that revolutionary time period. WE did not accept what was handed to us…WE had bigger ideas. Gone were the days of Mom in an apron baking cookies, we were out in the streets burning our bras! It was a great time to be young, be inspiring and inspired…..restless, and relentless, creative and socially conscious….turned on and tuned in.
I’d like to think I’m still all of the above and even more with age and experience.
Peace and Love…….

5 thoughts on “A Hippy returns 40 yrs. later…..Big Sur!

  1. Is it possible that you sat in a tall pine at Esalen for the 1967 (or ’68) Big Sur Folk Festival. If so and your hair was the length it is now, I may have a good b&w photo of you.happy to share, if so.
    (author Big Sur Inn: the Deetjen Legacy)

  2. You rock mom! I love reading this. I’m glad you got to experience such an amazing era as well… and still here to enjoy it’s cusp ever moving. Great post. Great pics. Your great. I love you!

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