The annoying business of art…..or how to sell your sh*t?

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed by having to stop working, painting, creating….to try and sell some art… be able to make more art.

This is so wrong.

When you’re on a flying creating binge, you have to keep floating to soar along with the air-waves. Why would I stop to send someone a submission……it makes no sense.

I hate the business of art.

Why oh why doesn’t some genius of an art god step into my life and take it all out of my hands.? I want someone to mother my art. To tell me to paint and shut up that they will handle everything. Who is this person? Please I beg you to step into my life! Mr. or Ms. Someone needs to love me, my art, and do everything they can to get it out there, sell it, talk about it, and NO that someone  is NOT me.

OH O.K. You say who better to talk about their art but the artist? Arrgghhhh I don’t want to talk I want to draw and paint…I my dear am not a sales person oh pleeze no……. done that, been there….

I MUST be only an artist now. Just leave me alone to my creations, talk to me little, go sell art, and deposit my checks so that I may have the opportunity to go and buy as much art sh*t as I want and not be concerned with the costs. There you have it! Pleeze step into the light Mr. or Ms  Someone and reveal your self…….NOW

I love you….


2 thoughts on “The annoying business of art…..or how to sell your sh*t?

  1. When the “art sales God/Godess” arrives, tell them to send their brother or sister sales gods to my studio. I need some help over here too. I couldn’t sell a thirsty man water!!! Seriously. I would end up paying him to take a drink. This is so sad. I am wondering why the Universe gave me art ability, but no sales ability. This is so strange! 🙂

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