Encore du chemin ! Please help my French!

I have to tell you something funny that happened to me yesterday.

So, I survived a brain aneurysm, and I wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate this event.

I am studying French, and really love it so I thought this is perfect. I will get a tattoo that says ” she is not finished” I wanted to  put PAS FINI on my wrist.

I stopped by Yummy Cakes in Santa Monica to pick up 2 cupcakes, and over heard the chef talking….he had a French accent so I thought I would ask him about the proper French for my saying.

I wrote it all out and explained what and why I was doing this…he listened intently, then smiled, laughed and answered.

He said I probably would not want to write this elle n’est pas fini BECAUSE it would mean that she was retarted!!!! Not finished…orin other words retarted! Haaaaa I am dying. He didn’t say mentally challenged or brain problems or anything like that he just said retarted….it struck me as so funny because you see people screw up their tattoos all the time because of spelling or language meaning etc……I had saved myself from ultimate humiliation on the streets of Paris!

This is how people screw up tattoos, and don’t get spelling, meaning correct.

I just thought that was so funny…..He did suggest though that I would use…


If you speak proper French and have an idea I’m up for that….please let me know!!


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