The Most Amazing Artist in the World….no sh*t!

Protest, Chinese Artist Paints Self To OctoCamo Perfection

By Aulistar Mark on July 29, 2010 at 2:00 AM

Chinese artist Liu Bolin took the streets after literally being made homeless by the Chinese government. Suojiacun, an artists’ village in northeastern Beijing was torn down during the Olympic redevelopment. An interview with WhiteHot Magazine can be found here.

With the help of assistants, Bolin has achieved a Metal Gear Solid 4 optic-camo level of camouflage by painting himself to blend in with the foreground. In a series he’s called Hiding In The City, Bolin disappears into the urban landscapes of various cities. His photos haven’t been touched by Photoshop and there’s no camera trickery involved. The true meaning of his his art is up for interpretation, but if the first photo hasn’t rattled your bones, you must have the eyes of a hawk.


2 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Artist in the World….no sh*t!

  1. Hey Deb … stumbled across your site via an abstract search on wordpress … just wanted to say that I really like what I’ve seen thus far and these photos that you just posted are unbelievable! It took me a while to figure out where the guy was in the first shot! Anyway, love your work!

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