Mr. Snaggies the zen warrior…woof

This is a portrait I did of Mr. Snaggies….he’s a dog we adopted.

Little did we know Mr. Snaggies didn’t like other dogs, he was in a cage at the pound with a lot of other small dogs so we assumed he was friendly. Well, turns out that he had kennel cough, so that took the poop out of him, he wasn’t feeling well.

We got him home, nursed him back to health, took him for a walk and the mild mannered little dog turns into the Tasmanian Devil. He doesn’t like other dogs, goes nuts if he even sees one a mile away.

BUT I would still suggest that saving a pound animal is the best move you could make when considering an animal. Mr. Snaggies IN THE HOUSE is the sweetest, most well behaved, zen warrior you’d ever wanna meet.

I love him so much!


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