CSUCI current show-Camarillo

CSUCI Exhibitions Gallery (Camarillo)

Current Show:
Deb Haugen and Evani Lupinek
October 14 – November 12, 2010
Reception for the Artists: Thursday, October 14, 6-8PM
Deb Haugen
Nature has always been a great source of intrigue for Deb Haugen. Her art reveals the ever changing organic complexities that surround us and the relationship between time and layering, and the correlations of complexities. Her art can be serene and reflective, and at other times raw, harsh and primordial. Organic layering’s, whether it’s strata on the side of a mountain or decayed grasses, provide the viewer a look into systems that are primitive, yet very tangible, and speak to us of our own existing mortality and vulnerability.

Deb Haugen attended both Pasadena Art Center and Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. She traveled extensively studying art first hand in Europe. Her work has been exhibited extensively in California and throughout the US and Europe. She maintains her residence and studio in Malibu, CA.

Evani Lupinek
On a thematic level, Evani Lupinek’s works depict the eternal nature of the environment with the ever-present horizon representing an emotional response to the dualities of our human condition. Each painting points to a place that exists between concrete form and abstraction, a place where spatial relationships serve as a gateway to an abstract world beyond form. The passing of time reveals itself in the subtle shifts of color and various atmospheric conditions, leaving them paradoxically both inviting and brooding. Color is drawn from hues observed and imagined, applied in multiple oil paint glazes to capture mood, stillness and tranquility.

Evani Lupinek, a native of The Netherlands, moved to Australia when young and there received her early art education. After extensive travel she moved to the USA and furthered her art studies at the Art Students League in New York. Her work is exhibited and represented in collections nationally and internationally. She resides in Paso Robles, CA.


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