Bailey…painting of my dog

22 x 28  acrylic on canvas                               “Bailey”

Bailey is my dog. Little did I know what I was getting into that fateful day I went looking for a cat!

I was looking for an outside cat to control the ground squirrel population in the backyard. I happened to have my daughter with me out at the Chatsworth Animal Shelter. I thought it would be easy enough, get a tough female cat to handle the ground squirrels. If you don’t handle the ground squirrels then you get rattle snakes that come to eat the squirrels, they are a source of food to the snakes….and that’s the last thing we need is setting up a deli situation for the rattlers.

My daughter yells a wail of a yell Mom YA GOTTA SEE THIS!

There he was Bailey, Baggles, Snaggies, Bu. Sitting in a small cage surrounded by chihuahua’s small dogs of all kinds. He just sat in the middle of the cage while they all went little dog frantic. Ahhhh this was a good sign. One of the things I hate about little dogs is the incessant barking, woops, I mean yapping. This one was different, he was also adorable! We went to the desk to inquire about him and the lady told us he was brought in and dropped off the day before…Now prepare yourself for this one...The previous owners brought him into the pound they said…….Because, “he didn’t look like a puppy anymore” Now I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to barf, and beat someone over the head with an iron skillet. This adorable dog was only 2 and a half years old and already being discarded.

We knew what we had to do. Bailey was a free dog, free from the cage. He cost 9 dollars, and with everything it was about $23. Bailey even had an implant for ID in his neck if he ever got lost. Driving back to Malibu holding this little shrivering dog, I could only wonder what he was thinking. The shelter was inland and around 100 degrees out there, but we were on our way to Malibu, paradise at the beach where it was probably 72 degrees…..I whispered this to Bailey telling him what a lucky dog he really was.

We had totally forgotten the whole idea of the cat…..the ground squirrels were safe.

Turned out that Bailey is an incredible dog. We call him the Zen Warrior at home, because of his even, mellow manner. Once he goes outside on a leash, he turns into a maniac, whirling dervish of a Tasmanian Devil when he spies another dog. I later found out why he was being so quiet and good in the cage at the shelter, he didn’t feel good with kennel cough.

All in all Bailey is my pal, and one of the best dogs I’ve ever had.


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