Polygamy……whaddah YOU think?

O.K. I’m going to be honest here….WHO are they hurting? I really don’t care if someone has 4 wives or 15, it’s up to them. I think it’s up to the wives also. Do they want to be involved in a relationship like this? Honestly who are they hurting? Some of you might say, well the children….Well don’t be so quick to judge that either. If that is the only way children know…. what’s the harm? Are there loving adults there to guide and nurture, yes. Those kids probably get more attention than the standard mom and dad relationship, simply because there are MORE parents there to be available.  A so called “normal” marriage you may be able to talk to your child only an hour a day with working, school, errands, homework, etc. BUT….. if there were 4 Moms there would always be someone available. Hey maybe this way is actually BETTER than the standard marriage way of doing things, something so initially shocking could have such a positive impact on children.  Some of you may be shocked by this kind of relationship, and have to deal with the whole jealousy thing…arrgghhh god, that can be ugly, ugly…. The ONLY thing that REALLY shocks me is when Kody the father had the balls to say that if his first wife took another husband the thought of that was just vile. WOW! Talk about hypocrisy….NOPE THAT I am not o.k. with. You know the old saying what’s good for the goose? ( is good for the gander)
That’s the only fair and ethical way to treat a relationship such as this, on equal footing.
AND guess what I think communes are good things too. I’ve always wanted to live in a commune to experience that style of life. So maybe I do think outside the box, but ask yourself…..are you stuck into believing one is so right and one way so wrong? WHY do you think that way? Have you been programmed or conditioned by anything, or a certain religion to make your thinking so UN_FREE in your thinking?
Iactually fear people so stuck in ideology that they can’t open their minds….NOW that is terrifying to me.

3 thoughts on “Polygamy……whaddah YOU think?

  1. Seems like slavery to me. But, if you like that kind of thing, I suppose it’s up to you. 😉

    Nice to see you riled up, Deb 😉

  2. Possibly happy, but perhaps feeling that they have no other choices – so they “decide” to be happy?

    Much like women married to abusive husbands. Most of them – will say they’re happy.

    Many women can’t support themselves financially. So, they opt for many types of lifestyles in order to survive. But, who’s to say if they’re happy or not. (Sheesh, what is happiness, really? Survival at whatever the cost?)

    Not for me, needless to say.

    But, nonetheless – good article 🙂

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