First painting 1-1-11

So this is my first painting of the year. What I wanted to do in this art is create something fanciful….I like that word. It was grey, freezing cold, and raining outside so I felt the need to do something very contrary to all that. I thought about spring, the creek and the myriad of wildflowers you can find there. I think one year I counted 32 different types of wildflowers……I think I captured the feel.

The piece is titled…”In her glory” (referring to Spring). It is 30 x 40 on heavy 2 ply paper that I love so much.

2 thoughts on “First painting 1-1-11

  1. Hello my friend, the Organic Artist 🙂

    I am absorbing the wonderful transition from winter to summer in your paintings. Needless to say it is mid-June now and it is definitely summer. Nearly 100 degrees yesterday here in South Carolina. The work is beautiful. I like the way you use the gray background and softer pastel colors emerging. I am sure this is the coming of spring and summer. The detail lines do create a fanciful feeling.

    Very nice


    • Hey Walter! Thnx for the comment. Yes, everything is always in transition, right? Consciousness, molecules, raindrops it’s all moving. Wonder why people become so inflexible and frozen in their lives, I’ve always wondered about that.

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