Un giorno perfetto…..finito

I really don’t think that there is a thing called perfect art. I do believe that the act of creating art can hold that perfect moment. Yesterday was a perfect day to paint, to create, and this is what I finished. The most difficult thing I think for artists is learning to walk away from their art. I could keep working this until she was beat to death…I don’t want to take what is fresh away. I don’t want to take the spontaneous reactions away.

It is un giorno perfetto……finito!


4 thoughts on “Un giorno perfetto…..finito

  1. Gorgeous. A perfect infusion of nature – on canvas.

    I was taught that if a person wants to “touch” a painting, that is one of the highest compliments an artist can receive.

    I want to touch this – but my monitor might get fingerprints on it.

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