Organic art…Butterballs flee

So it seems as though Spring has come to southern Calif. this week. Temperatures in around 73 degrees, while my friend in Vermont posted a -24 photo of her dashboard. Wow, there really is a reason I live in Calif., never mind the gangs, shootings, taxes, property costs, or immigrant problems, or even earthquakes, failing school systems, or dilapidated government buildings and roads. Never mind the DA’s office that is out of control, frivolous criminal cases, and downtown jewelry hucksters, Los Angeles is, without a doubt……. the best of the best.

This artwork is a tribute to Spring in January…..ONLY in L.A. Folks! The butterballs are a representation of a friend of mine who is fighting the legal system…I want him to break free, let it go and fly free unharnessed by all the friggin madness the court system has to offer.



2 thoughts on “Organic art…Butterballs flee

  1. I absolutely love this piece and it means so much to me knowing that its for a friend fighting the corrupted system. Stay strong

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